Crowdsourced Bathymetry Working Group (CSBWG)

7th CSBWG Meeting
12-14 February 2019, Quebec, Canada

Updated 19 January 2019

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]  [Photo] 

Document No

Document Title

CSBWG7-Invitation Letter Letter of Invitation v1.0
CSBWG7-Annex B Registration Form (pdf Version)
CSBWG7-Annex B Registration Form (Word Version)
CSBWG7-Annex C Logistic Information
CSBWG7-Document Template Document Template (Word version)
CSBWG7-1.3-Agenda CSBWG7 Draft Agenda v2.0
CSBWG7-1.3-Agenda CSBWG7 Draft Annotated Agenda v1.0
CSBWG7-1.4-Action  List List of Actions - CSBWG6 - updated 4 October 2018
CSBWG7-1.5a Chair report to IRCC10
CSBWG7-1.5a IRCC10 Report - extract
CSBWG7-1.5b IRCC10 - Actions and Decisions
CSBWG7-3.1 B-12 (IHO Guidance on Crowdsourced Bathymetry) Draft Edition 1.0.0 (Clean)
CSBWG7-4.3 Draft generic CSB presentation
CSBWG7-9.4 Proposed draft agenda for CSBWG8 v1.0
CSBWG7-Participants CSBWG7 List of Participants