US / Canada Hydrographic Commission (USCHC) Commission hydrographique USA/Canada (CHUSC)
Chair: Mr. Denis HAINS (Canada)
Vice-ChairRear Admiral Shep M. Smith, USA (NOAA)
Président: M. Denis HAINS (Canada)
Vice-Président: Contre-Amiral Admiral Shep M. Smith, Etats-Unis (NOAA)
Members: Canada, USA Membres: Canada, Etats-Unis

IHO Secretariat Representatives:
Director Abri KAMPFER
Assistant Director Anthony PHARAOH

Représentants du Secrétariat de l'OHI:
Directeur Abri KAMPFER
Adjoint au Directeur Anthony PHARAOH
Brief History

Brève histoire

Structure for National Reports Structure des rapports nationaux
Statutes Letters   Statuts Lettres  

Next Meetings  
41st Meeting - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  (26 March 2018).
Note: To be held in conjunction with the 2018 Joint Canadian Hydrographic and National Surveyors’ Conference (26-29 March 2018).

Past Meetings  
40th Meeting - Galveston,  Texas, USA (20 March 2017). Documents
39th Meeting - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada (16 May 2016) Documents
38th Meeting - National Harbor, (MD), USA (16 March 2015) - in conjunction with US Hydro.  Documents
37th Meeting - St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada (16 April 2014) Documents
36th Meeting - New Orleans, USA (29 April 2013 - via webex video conference call) Documents
35th Meeting - Niagara Falls, Canada (14 May 2012) Documents
34th Meeting - Tampa, USA (Monday, 25 Apr 2011) Documents
33rd Meeting - Ottawa, Canada (17-18 May 2010) Documents
32nd Meeting - Silver Spring, USA (9 April 2009) Documents
31st Meeting - Ottawa, Canada (16 April 2008) Documents
30th Meeting - Norfolk, USA (14-17 May 2007)  
29th Meeting - Halifax, Canada (5 - 9 June 2006) Documents
28th Meeting - San Diego, USA (30 March 2005) Documents
27th Meeting - Ottawa, Canada (March 2004)