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This catalogue is maintained by the IHO Secretariat from information provided by the RENCs, Member States and distributor organizations. It shows ENC data limits which have been sub-divided into the 6 ENC Usage Bands.

ENC Catalogue

Disclaimer:  The display on this catalogue of base maps from various sources does not constitute an endorsement or approval of them or of the information that they contain, and the IHO does not vouch for the validity or accuracy of these base maps.

ENC Coverage Data

Many ENC producers distribute their data via RENC organizations. This has facilitated the collection of ENC coverage metadata in a consistent structure and common format. Those organizations that do not distribute their data via RENC organizations and wish to have their coverage metadata included in the IHO catalogue, are invited to download and use the IHOMX Metadata Harvesting Application. Extracted ENC metadata should be forward this to the IHB for inclusion in the Global ENC Coverage.

Using the IHOMX Data Harvesting Application

IHOMX extracts both metadata and coverage information from an ENC exchange set. It uses the ENC CATALOG.031 file as an index to all ENC cells contained within the exchange set.

IHOMX does NOT access, extract or download ENC chart data - it only looks at and extracts certain ENC metadata elements.

The ENC meta features M_COVR [CATCOV = 1] are extracted from each ENC exchange set and stored (as discrete features) in a single GML (Geography Markup Language) file. As GML is a text format, the contents of the coverage file can be viewed using a standard text editor (e.g. Notepad). IHOMX also extracts limited metadata information (such as the cell name, title, edition, latest update, release date and compilation scale). These metadata are stored in html files so that they can be copied to a web server for access via the internet.

IHOMX may be freely downloaded, used and distributed. It is not to be made available for lease or sale. Please see the License.txt (provided with the IHOMX application) for further license information.