IHO Data Center for Digital Bathymetry (DCDB)

71% of the Earth surface is covered by water, yet the world´s oceans remain relatively poorly mapped. The collection of bathymetric survey data is costly and is usually considered to be of low priority. This is particularly true for deep ocean areas where extensive areas are poorly surveyed or are not surveyed at all.

To improve the collective availability of bathymetric data, the IHO have established the IHO Data Centre for Digital Bathymetry (DCDB), that collects and quality checks oceanic soundings acquired by hydrographic and oceanographic ships during surveys and while on passage. This also includes soundings collected by other vessels such as warships, fisheries ships and commercial vessels.

The DCDB worldwide digital data bank of oceanic soundings is made available for the production of bathymetric products such as maps and gridded datasets produced by the General Bathymetric Charts of the Ocean (GEBCO) Project, the International Bathymetric Chart (IBC) Project and others such as Google Ocean.

The IHO Data Centre for Digital  Bathymetry (DCDB) web page is accessible from