IHO Publication S-52 was developed in conjunction with the IMO Performance Standards for Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS). It provides specifications and guidance regarding the issuing and updating of Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC), and their display in ECDIS in terms of symbols and colours. S-52 includes, as Annex A, the IHO Presentation Library for ECDIS (PL) which is published seperately. The PL provides details and procedures for implementing the display specifications contained in S-52, by decoding and symbolizing the elements of the SENC. S-52 also comprises a separate Appendix 1 which provides guidance on ENC updating.

S-52 is complemented by IHO Publication S-64 providing Test Data Sets for ECDIS which are used in conjunction with the IEC Standard 61174 for testing/type approval purposes.  S-64 is composed of:
  • ENC Test Data Sets and the associated ECDIS graphic plots; and
  • RNC Test Data Sets.