Southern Africa and Islands Hydrographic Commission (SAIHC)

16th SAIHC Conference (3 to 5 September 2019) and
8th ICCWG Meeting (2 September 2019)     
Cape Town, South Africa

Last update: August 18, 2019

Post meeting documents:  [SAIHC16 - Meeting Minutes]   [Meeting Photograph]



SAIHC16 Logistics Information
Template for Submitting National Reports (Word .docx) (Presentations .pptx)
Letter 7/2018 SAIHC Response to IRCC regarding IHO Resolution 2/1997 04-02-2019
Letter 1/2019 SAIHC input to IHO Circular Letter 10/2019 - CBSC17 and IRCC11
Letter 2/2019 SAIHC Capacity Building Projects
Letter 3/2019 SAIHC15 Action 24 - IHO Resolution 1/2005 - IHO Response to Disasters
Letter 4/2019 16th SAIHC Meeting 04-02-2019
Letter 5/2019 SAIHC Capacity Building Work Program: Seminar on Raising Awareness of Hydrography 29-05-2019
Letter 6/2019 Invitation Letter to the 16th SAIHC Conference 20/05/2019
Registration Form (.doc) 20/05/2019
MSDI Infrastructure Terms of Reference (Ver 1) 10/06/2019

Document No


SAIHC16-1A List of Documents (this list)  
SAIHC16-1B List of Participants Ver 1.2 12/08/2019
SAIHC16-3 Draft Agenda v 1.0 25/06/2019
SAIHC16-4 Minutes of the 15th SAIHC Meeting 1/8/2019
SAIHC16-5 Actions from 15th SAIHC Meeting 1/8/2019
SAIHC16-6 Review of SAIHC Statutes 1/8/2019
SAIHC16-7.1 IHO Secretariat Report 1/8/2019
SAIHC16-7.2 2nd Council Summary Report   (List of Decisions / Actions) 1/8/2019
SAIHC16-7.3 IRCC11 Outcomes  
SAIHC16-7.4 WENDWG9 Minutes  (Decisions / Actions) 1/8/2019
SAIHC16-7.5 (HSCC11 Outcome CL) (HSSC11 Report to C3)  (HSSC11 Decisions / Actions) 1/8/2019
SAIHC16-7.6 Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure (MSDI) Report to IRCC  
SAIHC16-8.1 SAIHC Report to IRCC12  
SAIHC16-8.2 3rd IHO Council considerations  
SAIHC16-8.3 2nd IHO Assembly considerations  
SAIHC16-9 8th SAIHC INT Chart Coordination Working Group (ICCWG) Meeting  
SAIHC16-10 Actions and Recommendations arising from IRCC11  
SAIHC16-11 Marine Spatial Planning and National Oceans and Coastal Information Management System - South Africa  
SAIHC16-12 SAIHC Committees and Working Groups  
SAIHC16-13 Industry Presentations  
SAIHC16-14.1A National Report: France  
SAIHC16-14.1B National Report: Mauritius  
SAIHC16-14.1C National Report: Mozambique  
SAIHC16-14.1D National Report: Norway  
SAIHC16-14.1E National Report: Republic of South Africa  
SAIHC16-14.1F National Report : Seychelles  
SAIHC16-14.1G National Report: United Kingdom  
SAIHC16-16.1H National Report: Angola  
SAIHC16-16.1I National Report: Comoros  
SAIHC16-16.1J National Report: India  
SAIHC16-16.1K National Report: Kenya  
SAIHC16-16.1L National Report: Madagascar 30/07/2019
SAIHC16-16.1M National Report: Malawi 08/08/2019
SAIHC16-16.1N National Report: Namibia  
SAIHC16-16.1O National Report: Portugal 12/08/2019
SAIHC16-16.1P National Report: Tanzania  
SAIHC16-18 Industry Presentations  
SAIHC16-19.1 SAIHC Chart Coordination WG Report  
SAIHC16-19.2 SAIHC Capacity Building Report  
SAIHC16-20.1 General Bathymetric Charts of the Oceans (GEBCO) and Seabed 2030  
SAIHC16-20.2 Crowd Sourced Bathymetry (CSB) (IHO Director)  
SAIHC16-24.1 International Maritime Organisation Report (IMO)(tbc)  
SAIHC16-24.2 International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) Report  
SAIHC16-24.3 Southern and East African and Islands Regional Group for Saftey of Navigation and Marine Environment Protection (SEAIGNEP)  
SAIHC16-24.4 Nairobi Convention  
ICCWG8-1 Draft Agenda
ICCWG8-2 Minutes of ICCWG6
ICCWG8-3 Actions of ICCWG6