Index of Maintenance Items Submitted for S-100 Edition 1.0.0
(Please use the Maintenance Procedures Form for submitting proposals for changes to S-100)

No Date Submitted Description Type Organization
  15 April 2011 Modification of the General Feature Model (TSMAD 22) Correction TSMAD WG
  30 Jan 2012 S-100 Part 4a - Metadata - Changes approved at the TSMAD 23 WG Meeting Extension TSMAD WG
  28 June 2012 Update to the title Correction UKHO
  22 Jan 2014

Example for complex attributes

Correction UKHO
  22 Jan 2014 S-100 Corrections  Attribute value type Correction UKHO
  4 Feb 2014 S-100 Part 5 Multiplicity of Remarks Correction UKHO
Proposed Changes to Associated Documents
1 21 June 2012 Modifications to the Feature Catalogue Model (Proposed) Proposed Extension Jeppesen
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