IHO Standardization of Nautical Publications Working Group (SNPWG)

9th SNPWG Meeting
 21 to 25 April  2008 -  (Brest, France)

Last update: November 02, 2016

Post Meeting Documents:   [Minutes]   [Photos
Document No Document Description
SNPWG9_A List of Documents
SNPWG9_B List of Participants
SNPWG9_001 Draft Agenda (3 April 08)
SNPWG9_002 Minutes of the 8th SNPWG Meeting
SNPWG9_004.1 Feature Attributes and Info Object Summary (2008/04/15) (.zip)
SNPWG9_004.2 Information Object Classes (2008/04/15)  (.zip)
SNPWG9_004.3 GEO Object Classes 2008/04/15 (.zip)
SNPWG9_004.4 Attributes 2008/04/15 (.zip)
SNPWG9_004.5 How to Use Radio Signal Information (.zip)
Jeppesen-BSH_Pilot_Summary Jeppesen and BSH Pilot Study  (.zip)
BSH-Pilot-SNPWG-Pres_FINAL Jeppesen and BSH Pilot Study Presentation (.zip)