IHO Standardization of Nautical Publications Working Group (SNPWG)

16th SNPWG Meeting
  3 to 7 June 2013 - (Silver Spring, USA)

Last update: November 21, 2013

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SNPWG16-1A List of Documents
SNPWG16-1B List of Participants
SNPWG16-2.1 Agenda (rev 7)
SNPWG16-2.2 Annotated Agenda (rev 3)
SNPWG16-3 Minutes of the 15th SNPWG Meeting and List of Action Items
SNPWG16-4 SNPWG status of work overview (rev 1)
SNPWG16-5 TSMAD 25 Report  (new 5/6)
SNPWG16-6 DIPWG 4 Report
SNPWG16-7 MPA Product Specification
SNPWG16-8A Radio Signals - Product Specification
SNPWG16-8B JUSSLAND_Radiosignals
SNPWG16-9 Challenges of transforming outdated nautical publications from paper to digital format.
SNPWG16-10 Product Specification Survey
SNPWG16-10A Japan response draft report (ppt)
SNPWG16-10B Japan response General NPUB items  (xls)
SNPWG16-10C Japan response General NPUB items Offshore and through routes (xls)
SNPWG16-11 Collation and distributing of navigation information to ships  (new 5/6)
SNPWG16-12.1 WIKI Work  (rev 1)
SNPWG16-12.2 Source Data Types for S-1xx  (new 5/6)
SNPWG16-13.3 Draft of timeline tool for ProdSpecs to be developed (follow up HSSC4) (rev 1)
SNPWG16-14.1 Proposal on List of Lights improvement
SNPWG16-14.2 List of Lights Number Model (rev 1)
SNPWG16-15 ToRs Review
SNPWG16-16 Work plan for the SNPWG
SNPWG16-19.1 Draft S-10n Product Specification Template and Checklist
SNPWG16-20.1 Papers being submitted to TSMAD considered of particular relevance for SNPWG
SNPWG16-20.2 Papers for TSMAD of particular relevance to SNPWG (ZIP File)
SNPWG16-20.3 Persistent Unique Identifiers
SNPWG16-21 USS Guardian Grounding
  Other Presentations Provided During the Meeting
  Building an S-100 Product Specification (.ppt)
  See also the SNPWG Development WIKI
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