IHO Standardization of Nautical Publications Working Group (SNPWG)

15th SNPWG Meeting
  12th to 16th November 2012 - (Helsinki, Finland)

Last update: November 02, 2016

Post Meeting Documents:   [Minutes] - [Meeting Photo]
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  Logistics Information - Hotel 1 - Hotel 2  -
Registration Form (Word .doc Format) and (PDF Format)

The Path from Pasila Railway Station to the FTA - Extra Map

SNPWG15-1A List of Documents
SNPWG15-1B List of Participants
SNPWG15-2 Draft Agenda (rev 6)
SNPWG15-3 Minutes of the 14th SNPWG Meeting
SNPWG15-5.2A DCEG New S-101 Features and Attributes
SNPWG15-5.2B DCEG Light List Number
SNPWG15-5.2C DCEG Communication Information
SNPWG15-6.2D Source Attributes
SNPWG15-6.5A Marine Protected Areas Product - Files
SNPWG15-6.5B Marine Protected Areas Product - Schemas
SNPWG15-6.5C Marine Protected Areas Product - Documents
SNPWG15-7.1 Mariners' Routing Guide Product Specification developed for the BLAST Project
SNPWG15-11.1A Complex Attributes
SNPWG15-11.1B Simple Attributes
SNPWG15-12 S-100 Temporal Model
SNPWG15-14.4 Proposed Revisions to the SNPWG Workplan
SNPWG15-15 Jusslandian List of Radio Signals  (Powerpoint presentation), Micklefirth_NorthMicklefirth_South
SNPWG15-16 Election of SNPWG Office Bearers

Other Presentations Provided During the Meeting

  Mobile App Developed by NOAA
  Product Specification Matrix (Excell)
  Work Plan (Word doc)
  Japan Digital Sailing Direction - Model
  See also the SNPWG Development WIKI
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