IHO Standardization of Nautical Publications Working Group (SNPWG)

14th SNPWG Meeting
  13th to 17th February 2012 - (IHB, Monaco)

Last update: April 05, 2012

Post Meeting Documents:   [Minutes, Annex A Agenda, Annex B Participants, Annex C Work Plan] - [Meeting Photo]
Document No Document Description
  Logistics Information
SNPWG14-1A List of Documents
SNPWG14-1B List of Participants
SNPWG14-2 Agenda
SNPWG14-3 Minutes of the 13th SNPWG Meeting

Report of HSSC3 and run up to 18th IHC

SNPWG14-5 TSMAD 23 Report
SNPWG14-6 MPA Product Specification (MS Word Version)
SNPWG14-6.1 MPA Portrayal Discussion
SNPWG14-7.1 Nautical Publications and the SNPWG data model in the BLAST Project
SNPWG14-7.2 Harmonization of Nautical Information
SNPWG14-8 MPA feature catalogue (Compressed .zip file containing catalogue files).
SNPWG14-11A Data Quality for Nautical Publications  (MS Word Version)
SNPWG14-11B NPUBS DQ Strawman Proposal   (MS Word Version)
SNPWG14-12A The establishment of a Nordic Nautical Publication WG
SNPWG14-12B Draft proposed TORs and ROPís for a Nordic Nautical Publications WG (NNPWG)
SNPWG14-12C Relationship of NNPWG to SNPWG (Power Point File)
SNPWG14-12D Workshop Summary
SNPWG14-13 SNPWG Document Configuration Item Record  (Excel Version)
  SNPWG HSSC3 Work Plan
  SNPWG HSSC3 Report
  New SNPWG Tasks
  Other Presentations Provided During the Meeting
  See also the SNPWG Development WIKI
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