IHO Standardization of Nautical Publications Working Group (SNPWG)

12th SNPWG Meeting
  21st to 25th June 2010 - (Tokyo, Japan)

Last update: April 09, 2013

Post Meeting Documents:   [SNPWG12 Final Minutes] - [SNPWG12 Work Plan] - [Meeting Photo
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  Logistics Information  Additional Information: Map_of_Ginza (ppt), Limo_Timetable (xls),  Limo_Map_Narita_T1 (jpg), Limo_Map_Narita_T2 (jpg), Limo_Map_Ginza_and_Shiodome area (jpg), Subway_line (jpg)
SNPWG12-1A List of Documents
SNPWG12-1B List of Participants who attended the meeting (updated 27 Sept 2010)
SNPWG12-2 Agenda (Draft 6)
SNPWG12-3 Minutes of the 11th SNPWG Meeting

Additional Meeting Documents

SNPWG12-Add_1 Vision Document from SNPWG 11  (Power Point file)
SNPWG12-Add_2 Considerations for Symbolizing Nautical Pub Information in ECDIS (from combined TSMAD/DIPWG meeting).
  Outcomes from the S-101 Stakeholders Workshop (9 11 March 2010, UKHO Taunton)
  See also the SNPWG Development WIKI
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Presentations provided during the SNPWG12 Meeting

  Nautical Information Overlay Simulation
  Portrayal of Nautical Information
  Portrayal Discussions
  Progress with Mapping