IHO Standardization of Nautical Publications Working Group (SNPWG)

11th SNPWG Meeting
  7th to 11th September 2009 - (IHB, Monaco)

Last update: août 24, 2011

Post Meeting Documents:   [Final Minutes]  [Vision from the Meeing]   [Meeting Photo
Document No Document Description
  Logistics Information
SNPWG11_1A List of Documents
SNPWG11_1B List of Participants
SNPWG11_2 Draft Agenda
SNPWG11_3 Minutes of the 10th SNPWG Meeting
SNPWG11_5 Portrayal of Nautical Information
SNPWG11_8.1 Waterways Work Item - Draft Product Specification (Version 0.0.1)
SNPWG11_8.2A Pilotage Work Items -  Report
SNPWG11_8.2B Pilotage Work Items -  Product Specification Presentation
SNPWG11_8.2C Pilotage Work Items -  Product Specification
SNPWG11_8.2D Generic Pilotage Example
SNPWG11_8.4 Example demonstrating ho to convert Sailing Directions of JHOD to the SNPWG model
SNPWG11_8.4A Annex A to 8.4 (Spreadsheet)
  See also the SNPWG Development WIKI
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