IMO/IHO Harmonization Group on Data Modelling
Groupe OMI/OHI d'harmonisation de la modélisation des données (HGDM)

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Last updated - à jour 11/10/2017

Chair: Mr Sunbae Hong (Republic of Korea)
Secretary: Mr Sascha Pristrom
Président : M. Sunbae Hong (République de Corée)
Vice-président :
Secrétaire :
M. Sascha Pristrom
HGDM Reference Documents - Documents de référence Date posted
1 Terms of Reference - Mandat 28 Jun 2017
Miscellaneous (Related events) - Divers (manifestations connexes)
1 Invitation to attend e-Navigation Underway International 2018 31 Aug 2017
1st HGDM Meeting (HGDM-1)
IMO Headquarters - London, United Kingdom
16-20 October 2017)

Document No

Document Title - Titre du document

Date posted
  HGDM Registration Procedure 7 July 2017
  IMO Circular Letter No. 3738 dated 3 July 2017

25 July 2017


IMO-IHO HGDM Document template-HGDM1 (Word version)

31 July 2017

HGDM-1-1 Provisional Agenda

28 July 2017

HGDM-1-2 Consideration of theClarification on the scope and content of work of the IMO/IHO Harmonization Group on Data Modelling (HGDM) 10 Oct 2017
HGDM-1-2-1 Comments on clarification on the scope and content of work of the IMO/IHO Harmonization Group on Data Modelling (HGDM) - Submitted by Australia, Canada, Denmark and Republic of Korea 10 Oct 2017
HGDM-1-5 References developed by the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) and the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) 12 Sept 2017
HGDM-1-5-1 Proposal of a work program to help develop guidance on the definition and harmonization of the format and structure of Maritime Service Portfolios (MSPs) 15 Sept 2017
HGDM-1-5-2 Proposed approach of the HGDM for development of MSPs Guidance 15 Sept 2017
HGDM-1-5-3 Comments on document HGDM 1/5/2 - Standardised data element ID structure - Submitted by BIMCO 10 Oct 2017
HGDM-1-5-4 Commenting on documents HGDM 1/5, HGDM 1/5/1 and HGDM 1/5/2 - Sea areas of implementation for MSPs Submitted by France 10 Oct 2017
HGDM-1-5-5 Application example of the proposed MSPs guideline structures by SMART-Navigation project - Submitted by Republic of Korea 10 Oct 2017
HGDM-1-5-6 Commenting on documents HGDM 1/5 and HGDM 1/5/2 - Further work carried out by IALA's ENAV Committee's work on the draft Guideline on MSPs and the draft Guideline for the Specification of e-Navigation Technical Services - Submitted by IALA 10 Oct 2017
HGDM-1-6 Proposed work plan and modalities for the HGDM 15 Sept 2017