IHO - IOC GEBCO Guiding Committee (GGC)
35th Meeting
, Australia (15 - 16 November 2018) 

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]   [Photo]                                           Last updated      17 January 2018

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GEBCO 2018 Letter Invitation Letter  
GEBCO  2018 Letter Annex A Registration Form (Word version)  
GEBCO 2018 Letter Annex B Logistic Information  
GEBCO 2017 Outline Week Programme v1.0  
GEBCO Symposium 2018 Programme v1.0  
GEBCO 2018 Document Template (Word version) 30 November 2017
GEBCO 2018 Presentation Template (PowerPoint version) 30 November 2017
GEBCO 2018 List of Participants  
GGC35-1.6.1 Draft Agenda v1.0 30 November 2017
GGC35-1.6.2 GGC34 Meeting Report 17 January 2018
GGC35-1.7 GGC34 List of Actions - updated 15 December 2017 17 January 2018
GGC35-1.8.1 GEBCO Report to IRCC10  
GGC35-1.8.2 IRCC10 Outcomes  
GGC35-2.1 IHO Report  
GGC35-2.2 IOC Report (See Presentations .zip)  
GGC35-2.3 Financial Report  
GGC35-2.4 Digital Atlas Manager Report  
GGC35-2.5 DCDB update  
GGC35-2.6 SCUFN Report  
GGC35-2.7 TSCOM Report  
GGC35-2.8 SCRUM Report  
GGC35-2.9 SCERC Report  
GGC35-2.9 SCERC ToRs - Draft  
GGC35-3 NF Related Programmes Report  
GGC35-4.1 Regional Hydrographic Commission meeting programme  
GGC35-4.2 GEBCO Engagement with International programmes  
GGC35-5.1 GEBCO Cookbook Report  
GGC35-5.2 GGC ToRs and RoPs  
GGC35-5.3 Relevant IHO Resolutions - Proposed amendments  
GGC35-6.1 GEBCO Seabed2030 Report  
GGC35- SCUFN Work Plan and Budget  
GGC35- TSCOM Work Plan and Budget  
GGC35- SCRUM Work Plan and Budget  
GGC35- SCERC Work Plan and Budget  
GGC35-7.1.2 GEBCO Education and Outreach Strategy (see presentations)  
GGC35-7.2.1 Seabed 2030 Future actions, key outputs, deliverables and milestones  
GGC35-7.2.2 Seabed 2030 update on integration with existing GEBCO bodies  
GGC35-7.2.3 Seabed 2030 Work Plan and funding bids 2020-2021  
GGC35-7.3.1 GGC Work Plan and Budget  
GGC35-8 Secretary role and responsibilities  
GGC35-9 GGC membership list  
GGC35-10.2 Draft agenda GGC36  
GGC35-13 GGC35 List of Actions  
GGC35 Presentations .zip