IHO - IOC GEBCO Guiding Committee (GGC)
36th Meeting
Portsmouth, New Hampshire, USA
(7 - 8 November 2019) 

Post Meeting Documents:   [Report]   [Photo]                                           Last updated      14 August 2019

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GEBCO 2019 Letter Invitation Letter 26 April 2019
GEBCO 2019 Letter Annex A Logistic Information 26 April 2019
GEBCO 2019 Outline Week Programme v1.0  
GEBCO 2019 Social Programme v1.0  
GEBCO 2019 Partners' Programme v1.0  
GEBCO Symposium 2019 Symposium Flier 6 August 2019
GEBCO Symposium 2019 Symposium Programme v1.0  
GEBCO 2019 Document Template (Word version) 6 March 2019
GEBCO 2019 Presentation Template (PowerPoint version) 6 March 2019
GEBCO 2019 List of Participants v1.0  
GGC36-1.6.1 Draft Agenda v2.0 14 August 2019
GGC36-1.6.2 GGC35 Meeting Report 6 March 2019
GGC36-1.7 GGC35 List of Actions - updated 29 April 2019 29 April 2019
GGC36-1.8.1 GEBCO Report to IRCC11 25 July 2019
GGC36-1.8.2 IRCC11 Outcomes

25 July 2019

GGC36-2.1 IHO Report  
GGC36-2.2.1 IOC Report (See Presentations .zip)  

Report of the IOC Regular Working Group on user  Requirements and Contributions to GEBCO Products

GGC36-2.3 Financial Report  
GGC36-2.4 Digital Atlas Manager Report  
GGC36-2.5 DCDB update  
GGC36-2.6 SCUFN Report  
GGC36-2.7 TSCOM Report  
GGC36-2.7 TSCOM ToRs - Draft  
GGC36-2.8 SCRUM Report  
GGC36-2.8 SCRUM ToRs - Draft  
GGC36-2.9 SCOPE Report  
GGC36-2.9 SCOPE ToRs - Draft  
GGC36-3 NF Related Programmes Report  
GGC36-4.1 Regional Hydrographic Commission meeting programme  
GGC36-4.2 GEBCO Engagement with International programmes  
GGC36-5.1.2 GEBCO Cookbook Report  
GGC36-5.2 GGC ToRs and RoPs 25 July 2109
GGC36-5.3 Relevant IHO Resolutions - Proposed amendments  
GGC36-6 GEBCO Seabed 2030 Supporting Documents.zip  
GGC36-6.1.1 GEBCO Seabed2030 Year 2 Report v1.0  
GGC36-6.1.5 Analysis of feedback and comments on Year 2 Report  
GGC36- SCUFN Work Plan and Budget  
GGC36- TSCOM Work Plan and Budget  
GGC36- SCRUM Work Plan and Budget  
GGC36- SCOPE Work Plan and Budget  
GGC36-7.1.2 GEBCO Education and Outreach Strategy (see presentations)  
GGC36-7.2.2 Seabed 2030 update on integration with existing GEBCO bodies  
GGC36-7.2.3 Seabed 2030 Work Plan and funding bids 2020-2021  
GGC36-7.2.5 Analysis of feedback and comments on Year 3 Work Plan  
GGC36-7.3.1 GGC Work Plan and Budget  
GGC36-8.1 Secretary role and responsibilities 14 August 2019
GGC36-9 GGC membership list 14 August 2019
GGC36-10.2 Draft agenda GGC37 25 July 2109
GGC36-13 GGC36 List of Actions  
GGC36 Presentations .zip